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URUFOR and COFUSA are two Uruguayan companies which belong to the same Economic Group dedicated to the forestry industry. Their activities includes nursery, plantation, silvicutre, logistics, industrialization and selling of high quality lumber in overseas markets.

COFUSA supplies URUFOR with high quality Eucalyptus Grandis logs; and URUFOR is responsible for the industrialization and marketing of lumber products under the brand of RED GRANDIS™. URUFOR owns a state of the art sawmill which produces 220.000 m3 of Red Grandis lumber per year.

These activities are executed in the framework of environmental, social, health and safety policies. Both are FSC certified since 2001.

Cofusa has been engaged in planting and forest management since 1989. Eucalyptus Grandis plantations are carried out under sustainable conditions on sandy deep soils in the North East region of Uruguay, where annual rainfall exceeds 1.650 mm (65 inches). Cofusa owns more than 40.000 hectares of well managed Eucalyptus Grandis plantations.